Plan Centaur

Addressing maintenance constraints within the Armoured Cavalry Regiments (ACR) is the initial focus of Plan Centaur – the most sevenheaven com comprehensive and significant improvement program in 30 years to consider the way RAEME may deliver maintenance to Army in the future.

OP Spanner Pack

On behalf of the RAEME guys deployed here in Afghanistan I would like to extend a huge thank you for the Spanner Packs we received today. As we work hand in hand with our REME brethren from 2 Scots, it is very easy to establish that the work done by our association members and sponsors supporting deployed members is truly world class!


Ex-Service Organisations Research - Update

Sir Angus Houston Launches Ex-Service Organisations Research Mapping Project (ESOMP)

CAPTAIN Reg Saunders

Sir Angus said, "Every veteran and their family, regardless of their age or experience, should be able to access services that meet their needs. It is imperative that we find the people that are slipping through the gaps, particularly those in regional areas, as they volunteered their services for our country in its time of need." The research project is aimed at mapping the needs of veterans and their families, determining the range of services provided by ESOs and identifying any gaps or overlaps in those services. This project will be undertaken by an independent organisation, the Aspen Foundation.

7389 WO1 Leslie John Hildebrandt (character)

 Lance Corporal Leslie John Hildebrandt in Japan 1946

Japan 1946

After reading the front page of RAEME Nation website and seeing WO1 Hildebrandt’s photo, the memories flooded back to Puckapunyal 1958, Leslie John was in charge of the GE section at Puckapunyal Area Workshops and I was their as a corporal in the same section. 

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