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 The Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are known by the abbreviated term, or acronym, RAEME which is pronounced as 'ray-mee'.

RAEME is the second largest Corps in the Australian Army and maintains the greatest variety of equipment of any organisation in Australia.  Because of the demands of Army operations, the Corps operates both mobile workshops on the battlefield and static workshops in the support area.  The Corps provides the repair and recovery service for all equipment operated by the Army, including aircraft and watercraft.

RAEME enjoys a reputation for service and technical competence: a reputation hard won and highly valued. It has resulted from several generations of professional officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and craftsmen committing themselves to creating an edge for the combat arms and services they serve through the delivery of outstanding maintenance engineering and recovery support.

A RAEME soldier is known as a 'Craftsman'.  RAEME Craftsmen repair and maintain equipment as diverse as tanks, trucks and armoured personnel carriers, helicopters, radios, radars and computers, artillery guns and missile systems.  Among the wide range of trades available in the Corps are vehicle mechanics, electronics technicians, aircraft technicians and armament fitters.

Increasingly, soldiers of the future will depend on this ‘technological’ edge to enhance their equipment on the modern, complex and fluid battlefield. In turn, they will turn to RAEME personnel to provide leadership, technical management competencies and innovative maintenance methods to enhance the technical integrity of their equipment through increased reliability, availability and maintainability.

Thus the ‘Corps’ future on the modern battlefield is assured. Most importantly, the ‘Corps’ reputation, as an active member of an integrated combat-team, contributing to the view ca defence of our Nation, will only grow richer: its spirit is in the hands of the people who comprise our ‘Corps’ past, present and future members.

For the purposes of identification in military radio parlance, RAEME personnel are referred to as 'Bluebells'.  A RAEME Craftsman is affectionately known as a 'Crafty' - only because of the 'Oz' military trait of abbreviating everything, not because he is! 


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