The RAEME Network

The idea behind the RAEME Network is simple. There are many website out there that all have a specific focus on the Corps and then their respective Units, Sub Units, and Technical Support Units. The RAEME Network aims to link all of these sites together and to give each site a link back to the Corps itself through the National RAEME Association.

By linking all these sites together we can create a large and integrated web presence which will results in more visitors to our sites.  Depending on what level of involvement you wish have with the RAEME Network there are other benefits to be had.




To Qualify to join the RAEME network is simple. All you need is your website must be Specifically RAEME oriented.  That’s it!

Support Levels

The server we use is  currently owned by an ex RAEME member who manages and maintains it on a voluntary basis.  All state associations are now being hosted on the one server while maintaining their own site content.  The costs associated with keeping the severs’ hardware and software current with technology is considerable.

 We do not wish to "take over" every website. Far from it.  As stated before, all we wish to do is link all of the different sites together thus driving more visitors to each site. There are three main levels of membership.


Join the RAEME network, bringing you site to the Networks Server (Level 1)


With this option, the costs of maintaining your web site are shared across all sites that have their sites on the server.  This means that the cost, normally around $300-$500 per year for one site is now shared across five or six sites bring the costs way down. The more people sharing the server, the cheaper the cost.

Your site would be set up using the Joomla CMS (Content Management System).  If you do not know how to use this CMS, our webmasters have set up training sites and video tutorials that explain how to use Joomla as well as the Joomla extensions that are included.

By moving your site to Joomla CMS you will be able to take advantage of additional features such Electronic Newsletters and Subscription Management, Custom Built Forms, Blogging features, Image Galleries, File Management, Event Management plus many other features that make a website operate smoothly.  We will not dictate the content of your site, however you will need to use the standard template provided.  This will provide a constant look and feel for site visitors as they move through the different associations.

Sound too good to be true? We are not here to trap anyone, we are a group of Serving and ex Serving RAEME guys wanting to bring all website together and build a large, highly professional network of websites. Who knows where it could end....

If you are interested, just fill in the form below and we'll get back to you.


Join the Network while maintaining your web site (Level 2)

With this method all you need to do is complete the Application form below stating that you wish to join the network. In doing so, you will be subscribing to the RAEME National Association Newsletter. Your site will be added to the "Part of the RAEME Network" widget shown to the right.  We require that you place this widget on the front page of your website as a minimum. You are welcome add it to other pages as you wish, but it must be shown on your front page.

We cannot provide you with any support in the installing of the SWF file to your site as we have no idea how people have set there sites up. We can provide a HTML page that has the code to show the SWF file, but it’s up to your webmaster to get it working. 

There is no extra cost in joining the network, however by maintaining your existing web site, you will need to continue to pay all associated costs for the ongoing hosting and management of your site.


Join the Network while maintaining your own server and web site (Level 3)


This level is similar to Level 2, however all that is required is that your site is specifically RAEME.  You will  need to complete the Application form below stating that you wish to join the network.  A web link to your page will be created.  This link will not be on the "Part of the RAEME Network" widget but located in a sub page.  It is required that your site have a link to the National RAEME site.  You will has access to use the "Part of the RAEME Network" widget/SWF if desired.



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