Rio 2016: Paralympic rowers Kathryn Ross and Gavin Bellis determined to win


Fom the ABC..

'It doesn't mean your life is over'

Mr Bellis is living with a rare degenerative disease called Spinocerobellar Ataxia. It is a hereditary disease which blocks communication between the brain and the spinal chord, causing a loss of physical control.

Invariably it leads to life in a wheelchair; there is no cure and more often than not it is fatal.

The symptoms first appeared 12 years ago while he was serving in the army.

Addressing maintenance constraints within the Armoured Cavalry Regiments (ACR) is the initial focus of Plan Centaur – the most sevenheaven com comprehensive and significant improvement program in 30 years to consider the way RAEME may deliver maintenance to Army in the future.

On behalf of the RAEME guys deployed here in Afghanistan I would like to extend a huge thank you for the Spanner Packs we received today. As we work hand in hand with our REME brethren from 2 Scots, it is very easy to establish that the work done by our association members and sponsors supporting deployed members is truly world class!