Corps History Project - Update 3 April 2015

I advised recently on the RAEME National Website, and in the last edition of the RAEME Association Queensland ‘Spanner News’ for 2014, that the final manuscript for the CHP book was with the publishers, and a number of our team were collaboratively completing the final editing process. I am happy to report the book was provided to the printers shortly thereafter.

Corps History Project - Update


I advised on 23 Nov 14 that the final manuscript for the CHP book was with the publishers, and a number of our team were completing the final editing process collaboratively with them – see the attached email.

I am happy to report the book has now been provided to the printers, who advise that the printing will be completed by late March and delivered in bulk to the Corps Cell Bandiana by mid-April.

Operation Spanner Pack

Spanner1The Corps of RAEME at any one time has a number of soldiers who are serving on operations and other areas on overseas deployment. The RAEME Associations, with your assistance, sends Spanner Packs (not tools) to our CORPS. These packs contain items not supplied by Defence or locally available, which will assist our soldiers to live more comfortably and enjoy some of those favourite things they miss from home. To date (May 14) over 3150 packs have been provided to soldiers on deployment.

About us

RAEMEGR220HThe Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are known by the abbreviated term, or acronym, RAEME which is pronounced as 'ray-mee'.

RAEME is the second largest Corps in the Australian Army and maintains the greatest variety of equipment of any organisation in Australia.  Because of the demands of Army operations, the Corps operates both mobile workshops on the battlefield and static workshops in the support area.  The Corps provides the repair and recovery service for all equipment operated by the Army, including aircraft and watercraft.

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