Plan Centaur

Addressing maintenance constraints within the Armoured Cavalry Regiments (ACR) is the initial focus of Plan Centaur – the most comprehensive and significant improvement program in 30 years to consider the way RAEME may deliver maintenance to Army in the future.

With Phase 2 of the program now underway, work has concentrated on gathering data that will inform a clear understanding of all maintenance-related constraints, issues and interdependencies. Work Streams include:

  • A detailed workforce and work practices analysis;
  • A review of deployed maintenance structures and lines of maintenance support;
  • An examination of actual demand and vehicle usage;
  • An evaluation of supply chain practices and procedures; and
  • An analysis of maintenance outcomes and root causes of identified issues.

Two “quick wins” projects are also included as part of the Phase 2 program of work, including a “lean” process improvement project at 2 Cav Regt Wksp in Townsville.

The data and issues identified during Phase 2 will be presented at a major stakeholder collaboration event in Darwin in April, where potential solutions will be identified and evaluated by the maintenance community prior to the preparation of business cases for approval by the Army Capability Resource Management Committee. Outcomes of Plan Centaur will also be suitable for other elements of the Combat Brigades.

Plan Centaur’s Director General, BRIG David McGahey, said that it is vital that the Land Materiel maintenance workforce and the extended maintenance community get involved with the program.

“RAEME Corps in particular has a vested interest in getting this reform right,” BRIG McGahey said. “Centaur presents a critical opportunity for the maintenance community to shape its future.”

“We need everyone’s input to make sure that Centaur delivers the most effective maintenance capability to support the modernised Army,” BRIG McGahey said.

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