Goal 1

Promote the Corps’ identity and reputation across Australia.

Strategy: Using effective communication mediums and promotional activities, routinely inform members of the Corps, and the wider community, of the achievements of our Corps.  


1.1.    Ensure the ‘Craftsman’ magazine is distributed to members of the Association, who wish to receive it in accordance with the HOC distribution plan across Australia

Responsibility:   HOC Cell, RNA and RAEME Regional Associations

1.2. Assist in facilitating the celebration of the Corps’ Birthday and other significant events by involving retired/discharged and serving RAEME members in regional areas each year.

Responsibility: Regional RAEME Representatives Regional Associations and  RAEME  

1.3. Provide lecturing and other support to locally based units to reinforce the culture of the Corps, the RAEME Associations and attract new members to the Regional Corps Associations.

Responsibility: RAEME  Regional Associations

1.4 Seek appropriate publicity for the achievements of Corps members in the Defence and the broader Australian media.

Responsibility: RAEME  Regional Associations

1.5 Collaborate in the preparation, compilation and distribution of the Corps History.

Responsibility: Appointed nominee by the Corps Committee and RAEME Regional Associations

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