Roles and Responsibilities


5. The roles and responsibilities of the RANR and the President are as follows:

  1. Represent the interests and present the collective views of all the RAEME Regional Associations as a full member of the Corps Committee.

  2. Coordinate and implement National tasks and projects as agreed by the RAEME Regional Associations.

  3. Establish Committees and the HOC Cell and liaise with them on a regular basis. communication links with all the RAEME Regional Association

  4. Maintain a list of current Association-wide issues (not of Regional-based issues) and record the views of each Regional Association and update the HOC and Corps Committee.

  5. Annually prepare Position Papers on mature national issues that accurately reflect the views of all the various RAEME Regional Associations and of the HOC Cell.

  6. Communicate these mature national issues to the HOC Cell for inclusion on the agenda of the annual Corps Committee Meeting.

  7. Present these issues and views for discussion, consideration and decision at the annual Corps Committee Meeting.

  8. Provide feedback to the RAEME Regional Associations, the HOC policy instructions and Corps Fund financial determinations by explaining the reasons for, and gaining understanding of, the decisions taken.

  9. Encourage implementation of procedures at Regional level to achieve the National policies deployed.

  10. Monitor the implementation of the Association-wide decisions taken and feedback to the HOC Cell any secondary problems or issues that arise.

 6. Tasks for the President include the following:

  1. Coordinate a national merchandising program that affords best value for money through the utilization of economies of scale, reducing duplication, and levering of the products offered by each regional association.

  2. Coordinate the development of the RAEME National Association website and the framework of linkages to all other RAEME Associations and other affiliated websites.

  3. Develop and foster membership of the RAEME National Association, which is to include establishing and maintaining a process to introduce currently serving and retiring RAEME members to their local Association, Chapter, Sub-Branches and other RAEME Groups.

  4. Encourage all RAEME Regional Associations and RAEME Groups to affiliate as full members of the RAEME National Association.

  5. Assist HOC Cell to implement automatic membership for all categories of full time serving RAEME personnel performing continuous full time service. Liaise closely with all other Regional and kindred RAEME Associations and RAEME Groups.

  6. At ever opportunity, promote the Corps to the wider community within and outside of the services.

  7. Assist in maintain relevant Corps Instructions as assigned by The Corps Committee.

  8. Perform all other tasks requested of the appointee by HOC, the Corps Committee and the RAEME Regional Associations as appropriate.
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