Goal 3

Provide a focal point for Corps activities nationally and regionally.

Strategy: Recognising resource constraints, establish, maintain and grow enabling organizations, systems and networks, which in collaboration with the HOC foster membership of and communications between serving members and ex-members of AEME and RAEME across Australia within a national framework.


3.1. Maintain a nationally based management committee, which includes serving and ex serving RAEME members.

Responsibility:   RNA   

3.2. Annually promulgate the National and Regional Associations’ organisational structures and committee membership and ensure they are displayed on the web site, within each issue of the “Craftsman” magazine and in other suitable media.

Responsibility:  RNA 

3.3       Develop, maintain and enhance an electronic national database of Corps members – all categories of full time serving members – to enable their ongoing membership of The RAEME Regional Associations post discharge.

Responsibility:  HOC Cell and RNA

3.4 Maintain a nationally based RAEME National Association Web-site, which links nationally with the HOC website, the  RAEME Regional Associations and contains appropriate information to enhance the attainment of these goals.

Responsibility: RNA, HOC Cell and Regional RAEME Associations

3.5 Collect Corps memorabilia and documentation and have them maintained in a sound condition for display and research purposes in regional and the Army Logistic Museum - Bandiana. 

Responsibility:  RAEME Regional Associations, interested parties and volunteers and Army Logistic Museum - Bandiana.

3.6 Retain and maintain current copies of RAEME Corps Instructions.

Responsibility:  RNA Secretary.

3.7 Be aware of the national Corps management structure, as described in Corps Instructions and other HOC documents, its links to the national HOC Strategic Plan, and work with the HOC organization to achieve national Corps goals.

Responsibility:  RNA Executive Committee.

3.8 Acquire and promulgate information to our membership of our members in distress, requiring support or who have passed on; and where appropriate, provide access to veteran’s counselling services for members.

Responsibility:  The RNA Secretary and RAEME Regional Associations’ Welfare Officers

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