Goal 2

Recognise and celebrate the achievements of the members of the Corps.

Strategy: Using funds raised by Corps members nationally and regionally, provide prizes and public recognition to individuals and groups, who represent and bring credit to the Corps.


2.1 Nominate retired, and when requested, serving officers and soldiers in all regions to the Head of Corps for prizes and awards.

Responsibilities: Colonels Commandant, Regional RAEME Representatives, Selection Committees, RNA and the  RAEME Regional Associations.

2.2  Contribute to the development of the Army Logistic Museum - Bandiana

Responsibility: HOC Cell, RAEME Regional Associations and individual donors.

2.3 Help maintain and enhance the RAEME Memorial at Bandiana.

Responsibilities: HOC Cell,  RAEME Regional Association and donors.

2.4 Support the development of the RAEME Corps Museum in physical and monetary terms.

Responsibility: Corps Committee, RAEME Regional Associations and Museum staff.

2.5 Raise and manage funds for the administration of The RAEME National Association and RAEME Regional Associations for ongoing Corps commitments, celebratory activities and specific projects.

Responsibility: The RNA and RAEME Regional Associations, and Donors.

2.6 Develop articles on past achievements of the Corps members for inclusion in appropriate publications.

Responsibility: The RAEME Regional Associations and Corps members and supporters generally.

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