About the Corps Painting

The role of the Corps of RAEME is very well described in the artwork known as the 'Corps Painting'. The caption to the painting below describes 'a day in the life of a Craftsman'.

~ "In November 1969 a troop of gun tanks supported by an ARV became bogged in the 'light green' east of the Long Hai Hills in the Phouc Tuy Province of the Republic of Vietnam.

In addition to the bogged vehicle, two gun tanks were immobilised, one with gear box failure and one with a final drive failure.

Whilst the crews and the ARV, with stirling efforts on the 'Shovels, GS (Aust)' extricated the two serviceable gun tanks, a Forward Repair Team was deployed from 106th Field Workshop to provide the lift necessary for replacement of two failed MUA's. The M113A1 (Fitters) transported the gearbox (inside the vehicle) while the final drive assembly was lifted in by CH47 Chinook. The repair and re-supply operations were timed to enable the CH47 to 'back haul' the two repairable assemblies.

The operation was conducted over a seven hour period. The organic RAEME commitment was an ARV, crewed by two Recovery Mechanics, one Electrician and three Vehicle Mechanics. The non-organic support was provided by 106th Field Workshop Forward Repair Team comprising one M113A1 (Fitters) crewed by three Vehicle Mechanics.

Troops involved were from a Troop from 1st Armoured Regiment consisting of four Main Battle Tanks under command of Sgt Browning (RAAC) on operation control to a company of Australian Infantry." ~ 

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