RAEMEsmallThe official description of the emblem is:

‘Upon a lighting flash, a horse forcene gorged with a coronet of four fluer-de-lis, a chain reflexed over its back and standing on a globe. Above, a crown upon a scroll bearing the inscription RAEME.

The horse forcene and chain are symbolic of power under control and the lightening flash, of the electrical engineering.

The horse forcene also forms part of the crest of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and, together with the flash, is intended to mark the close relationship which exists between the electrical and mechanical engineers in both civil and military life. The globe is indicative of the impact of engineering on the world.


The strict translation of the Latin ‘Arte et Marte’ to English is difficult. The RAEME Corps Committee has adopted the translation accepted by both sister Corps of the British and New Zealand Armies. ‘Arte et Marte’ is translated, as the Corps Motto to mean ‘WITH SKILL and FIGHTING’

The Corps Motto is to be used on such occasions as a verbal or written call, or sections of the Corps, to achieve their individual or collective objectives at hand.